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Simple Home Improvements Increase Home Value

Do you want to invest in an affordable home remodeling project to increase its value of your home but are not sure how to start?

If yes, this post is just for you.

We share some highly-effective — yet inexpensive — tips to give your home a makeover and increase its value.

Make the Kitchen More Attractive

It is important that you ensure your kitchen looks absolutely clean and fairly updated because most people still consider the heart of their homes. If you are trying to up the wow factor of your home, this is a great place to start.

With a budget of just a few hundred dollars, you can install new faucet set, handles for the cabinet doors, and modern lighting fixtures to make the kitchen look more up to date. You should also
look for ways to update the cabinets themselves.

A few coats of paint can often easily transform the look of kitchen cabinets. You do need to check what kind of primer to use before you start, though.

Chalk paint might be a good option because you can paint it onto just about anything without a primer. However, you do need to take more time with it because you will need to apply around three coats of the wax to get a properly protected finish.

If your budget is a little more generous, strongly consider refacing or replacing the cabinets. As installing a brand new cabinets is nearly always very expensive, it would be much better if you contact a reliable refacing company.

Such a provider will expertly refinish your cabinet boxes and replace old cabinet drawers and boxes with new drawers and boxes.

Revamp Kitchen Appliances

Outdated and mismatched appliances make the kitchen seem to lack cohesion and look old-fashioned. A simple trick is to ensure that all the appliances match. This is a low-cost, quick fix that doesn’t involve a lot of work on your part and can make the kitchen seem more modern.

Give Bathrooms a Facelift

Bathrooms are the second-most important rooms to update. They are also rooms that can make your house look very dated. Thankfully, just like the kitchen, they too can be spruced up without spending a fortune.

Even tiny things such as installing a new toilet seat or laying easy-to- install vinyl tiles might make a world of difference to the way your bathrooms look.

If the tiles and grouting are still in good shape, a good clean can make the grouting look like new again. If you have chipped tiles, they need to be replaced. If the grouting is in bad shape, you will need to re-grout the tiles.

The bathtub can be refinished professionally to spruce it up and update its color. You could also look into installing a prefabricated tub with shower sound. While these units need professional installation, they cost less than re-tiling walls and furnishing a seriously old tub.

Changing out the faucets is another good way to get the bathrooms looking more modern.

Update Your Closets

Many houses, especially old ones, don’t have much closet space. If the storage areas in your house are cramped, you should consider adding simple closet systems to pantries and bedrooms.

You might also benefit from contacting a professional service because well-designed closets help improve your property’s value when you list it for sale.

Add Another Room

If your house has three bedrooms and a den, you can convert the den into a 4th room by adding a closet. Another bedroom increases the value of your house considerably.

Adding a tailor-make closet system usually, can be done for less than $1400 and in under a week’s time.

Do General Maintenance

It makes a lot of sense to call in an experienced electrician and ask them to check the electrical services and fix any loose wires or switches. Likewise, hire a plumber for an hour or two to check for and fix any faulty outlets and water leaks.

Take a look around your home. Are there doors that squeak? Are some windows broken? How do your windowsills and doorframes look? Do they need to be repainted or varnished?

Do the doors need to be repainted or refinished? If so, they can be sanded down and repainted quickly and inexpensively.

Small little things like this might not be a big deal to your family, but will be noticed by buyers.

Attending to these small details send a powerful message to buyers and show you as someone who really takes good care of their property.

Clean Up and Tidy Up

It may sound strange to for me to say this, but it is a detail that many people neglect. Sure, you vacuum the house and dust regularly, but how often have you washed down the walls? How clean is the siding on the house? Cleaning can make a huge difference and costs next to

How tidy is the yard? Clean out any old debris and plant matter and make the yard look appealing. If you have paving, make sure that it looks clean. You can rent a high-pressure cleaner to make paving look like new again.

You don’t have to spend a fortune – you can do most of this yourself. Alternatively, get a lawncare service in to help you do a big tidy-up and maintain it yourself from there.

Paint the Walls

Evaluate the walls inside the house. Do they look clean or do they look dingy? What about the color on the walls? Does it make the rooms look light and airy, or dark and dull? How up to date are the colors themselves?

When repainting the walls, it pays to keep to neutral colors. Neutrals appeal to a wider range of people and do not date as quickly. If you really do want to add in a fashionable color, focus on a feature wall or the furnishings and fittings in the room itself.

When it comes to adding value to your home, you don’t have to have a big budget. It is amazing what a few basic, inexpensive updates can do. Some of the simplest things, like painting the walls or cleaning up can be done on a shoestring budget and still create a massive impact on the value of your home.

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